What factors support and promote home-based food-growing in four neighbourhoods in SW Sheffield?

Monday, 4 May 2009

Motivation to Grow Food

Gardening as therapy was recognised in Sheffield by Dr. William Buchan in the 18th century and is recognised as such by the Foyer Project, LEAF Project, and therapeutic horticulture courses run by Richard Clare. (Buchan 1760 p.143) Gardening as therapy is not unfamiliar to my cohort either.

Financial need is not a primary motivator to grow food for most of my cohort. The growers do so because they like gardening, they want fresh produce, and because it is therapeutic. As doing something you enjoy can be considered therapeutic, all three reasons can be interpreted as reasons of health. This is supported by the data measuring the behaviours polled that could be considered healthy that are also in evidence with the growers, particularly the best growers.

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