What factors support and promote home-based food-growing in four neighbourhoods in SW Sheffield?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Confidence Chart #10

I have grouped responses on this topic from the interviews into three categories: those who think they can adapt without growing skill, those who have low confidence in growing ability and those with high confidence in growing ability.

Chart #10 shows the numbers in the interviews expressing confidence is high, but compared to the whole group of 68 households, it is small, only 20. Here are some examples of what they said.

High Confidence
Interviewee #17 - “We have a garden and we are amassing the skills by which, in the future, we can have a permaculture set up and be totally self sufficient in food ...“
Interviewee #21 - “… there is very little you can do about it apart from grow your own. … if it became more of an issue, we would certainly turn over more of the garden for food rather than flowers.”
Interviewee #18 - “I have a stash in the cellar, ... I’m trying to grow food and starting to learn more about wild foods that can be eaten. I’m learning about food preservation ...”
Low confidence
Interviewee #6 - “Last year I had almost zero success. Admittedly I didn’t grow very much; I didn’t grow enough food for one meal. So I’ve gone back to Tesco.”
Interviewee #14 - “I’d like to see the council and the government doing more to support local food… that would benefit us more than us doing our own gardening…”
Interviewee #12 - “I’m trying to earn more money; … training to get a better job.”

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